Tim Armstrong and Shepard Fairey in front of Tim’s artwork in Chicago at #artalliance #timarmstrong #shepardfairey (at Block 37)

More from Chicago. #POSE @tenderj mural. Looking good! #artalliance @artalliancechi

D*Face @dface_official in Chicago at #provocateurs exhibition #artalliance. (at Chicago’s Block 37)

PCP arrives in Chicago! First stop @ironeyeretna mural. Wabash & Congress. #retna @artalliancechi (at Chicago Train Station)

Salon style art collection @salonbenjamin in West Hollywood. Curated by @posterchildprints @sonjateri. Everything on the walls is for sale. (at Salon Benjamin)

Excited to be working with @jayjaysp on an upcoming print release! #comingsoon

Hot off the press!!! New @pendledon prints coming your way soon! #donpendleton (at pcp headquarters)

Visiting @nastyneckface1 with @newimageart. Getting ready for upcoming print release and solo show on Aug. 22! #neckface #newimageart

#PaulFrank! Thank you for stopping by our studio @heypaulfrank. Can’t wait to work together! (at pcp headquarters)

Still so in love with these, “Sometimes You’re a Cowboy” and “Sometimes You’re an Indian” by artists @cyrcle #cyrcle #cowboyandindian

Love the way our friend and loyal customer @chaqitabonita hung her #TheLoveMadeMeDoIt print. Nice #pcphangstyle. 👍

Only a few of these #LoveMe Artist Editions left by #CurtisKulig @lovemewashere (at pcp headquarters)

Love this picture we just received from @p1brand of the PCP stencil on concrete! #posterchildprints #blackandwhite #pcp

Feeling both happy and sad about getting back to work after such a long amazing weekend. Really excited about all the new editions we have coming up and the new artists on our roster!! #friendswithyou #malfi #backtothegrind

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